Faec Man

Faec Man's Recent appearance.

Faec Man is a reocurring comic relief character. He has appered in two episodes so far. In Mafia Madness 2, he saying "FAEC MAN NO APPROVE". He is then literally killed by his own words. He also Appeared In Mafia Madness 3 some time towards the end as a zombie, he is then killed by an MP5.


In Mafia Madness 2: Enragement, he has a slight difference to other Mafia Men where he had a cartoonish face similar to the non-canon faced characters from Krinkels' animations. His appearance changed in Mafia Madness 3 where his skin becomes a menacing darker shade, his eyes have become red, and he has retained his pupils. He also has a cut though one of his eyes and a stitches in his chest.