Kage Jason is the Protagonist of the series. He is 23 years old and so far has a kill count of 126.

Kage Jason
Kage MM4
Mafia Madness 4 Kage
Debut:Mafia Madness 1
Allies:Geso, Micheal
Enemies:Mafialeader, Mike, Mafia Men, MMV2

Mafia Madness 4 BioEdit

"The Protagonist of this series, Kage has spent 6 years surviving on the streets and using his skill he learnt and his control over time, he attempts to get the Mafia out of his town, and to kill the Mafialeader after having his life taken from him once."

Predicted PersonaityEdit

Kage seems Determined to defeat the Mafia as shown in Mafia Madness 2: Enragement, where a Mafia man thought he'd survive, only to be killed by a thrown Katana. Kage also seems to be patent, shown in Mafia Madness 3: Revenge, he waited until the Mafialeader stoped speaking before striking. He seems to have a somewhat rivalry with Mike Stevens the cause of Kage's side of the rivalry is unknown.


Mafia Madness 1Edit

Kage looks no different to a grunt in this episode this episode also revealed that he controls time, as he froze time when he was surrounded by zombies.

Mafia Madness 2: EnragementEdit

Kage retains his look
Switchblade Knife

Mafia Madness 2 Kage

from the previous episode, but doesn't use his time powers, he gains a bullet wound to the Jaw at the end of the episode.

Mafia Madness 3: RevengeEdit

Kage comes back a month after the events of Mafia Madness 2, this time has a bandaged Jaw. He has his first true fight with Mike Stevens and prevails without injury, Kage then confronts the Mafialeader at the end and dies after getting shot in the back with Mafialeader's FAMAS. He shows more variety of his powers other than freezing time.

Mafia Madness 4: RevivalEdit

Although this episode isn't complete, the Menu on DeviantART clearly shows Kage's newest appearance where he now has Bandages around his throat where he was shot previously, It's unknown if Kage survived the wound or Had died.


  • Kage is so far the only madness character in existance (Including the Main Madness Combat and other tributes) to have control over time.
  • Kage's Mafia Madness 4 body bandages on the preloader are smaller than his episode bandages.