Mafia Madness 3: Revenge
Elevator scene
Track(s):Insane (No vocals)
Release date:Mar 31, 2012
Protagonist(s):Kage Jason
Main antagonist(s):Mafialeader, Mike
Body count:52
Preceeded by:Mafia Madness 2.5
Proceeded by:Mafia Madness 4: Revival

Mafia Madness 3: Revenge is the thrid Installment of the Mafia Madness series.


Episode 3 opens some time after episode 2 ended, with Kage slumped over the Mafialeader's desk only shot in the jaw. The scene fast forwards to a month later where Kage infiltrates another mafia stronghold armed with a desert eagle. He quickly dispatches the guards out front and enters the cafeteria of the compound. Numerous men spill into the room as Kage guns them down with an AK-47. One man with a troll face absorbs many of the shots before eventually going down; tormenting Kage as he fires. When Kage is surprised from behind by an agent wielding a shotgun, he freezes time during slider pull and tucks the shotgun under the agents chin and resumes time, firing the shotgun simultaneously.

He proceeds into the elevator where he guns down two men trying to kill him from the roof of the elevator car. Mike Stevens appears, and cuts the elevator cables sending it plummeting. Kage uses his powers of time to prevent him from falling to fight Mike armed with duel Hand axes in mid-air. Kage eventually kills Mike by stabbing him multiple times in the face and body. The elevator car crashes to the bottom of the shaft and blasts a hole in the wall of an adjacent room, allowing access for the protagonist. Kage continues to gun down mafia men with an AR-15. The battle continues down a set of stairs with Kage slaughtering more agents with the AR-15 and a trench knife. He enters the next room and uses a mafia men as a human shield. After killing all the men in the room, the remaining man is grabbed by some unknown force and is rammed into a wall back first, Kage sees this and shrugs it off.

Faec man makes another appearance, this time zombified and 'pissed off'. He is quickly taken down. Kage enters the final room before the Mafialeader’s office and kills the remaining men. He also uses his time manipulation powers to speed up time around one of the mafia men causing him to die of natural causes in a split second. Kage then enters the true mafialeader’s office armed with a Steyr TMP. The Mafialeader confronts him in the locked office. After a brief monologue from him, Kage shoots him with the TMP. The wounded Mafialeader returns fire with a FAMAS and kills Kage with a shot to the chest.


  • If you looks closely at the Mafia man that had is own shotgun turned against him, you will see that just after the time resumes, he has realized what just happened. (Evident by a sweat drop).
  • This episode features a kill count.

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