Mafia Madness 4: Revival
Title Screen
Release date:TBA
Protagonist(s):Kage Jason
Main antagonist(s):Mafialeader, Mike
Body count:N/A
Preceeded by:Mafia Madness 3: Revenge
Proceeded by:TBA

Mafia Madness 4: Revival is the upcoming fourth installment of the Mafia Madness series. It introduces th
281217 1221107117-mm4 jpg

A new Screen Shot

e MMV2. A preview of the episode was released on 27th of December 2012


Along with the new menu, The preview begins with a recap of the 2nd and 3rd episodes as Kage Narrates: HE TRIED KILLING ME ONCE. (Kage is shot in the jaw by an M1911.) I BARELY SURVIVED... (Kage is seen putting his bandages on) I KILLED MY FIRST MUTANT (Kage kills Mike with a katana) AND ALMOST KILLED HIM...(Kage shoots the Mafialeader with a TMP, Kage is then killed by a FAMAS) INSTEAD, I MET MY END. BUT, IT'S NOT GOING TO REMAIN THAT WAY. SOMEWHERE IN GLEN.

The episode opens to a Mafia man killed with a silenced Five-Seven, weilded by Kage. The body caught the attention of another and Kages kills him by kicking then shooting him. This is the first episode with a MMV2.