Mafia Men
Mafia Man v1
Mafia Man V1
Debut:Mafia Madness

The Mafia men (or Mafia men V1) are the main enemies that Kage Jason faces thoughout the series. Their apperance is identical to the 1337 (or l33t) crew from the main Madness Combat series. Their abilities nor appearance do not change though the episodes.


Mafia MadnessEdit

Several Mafia men appeared in Mafia Madness, and were soon slaughtered, revived as zombies, and then killed again.

Mafia Madness 2: EnragementEdit


Mafia Madness 3: RevengeEdit


Mafia Madness 4: RevivalEdit



Main article: MMV2

The MMV2 are a genetically altered version of the mafia men, and posses large, supernatural-sized arms and hands. They were created in an attempt by the Mafialeader to create the ultimate Mafia men. They will have their debut in Mafia Madness 4: Revival.


  • Mafia men are the weakest of all characters.
  • Mafia men have so far been the only enemies to become zombified.

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