The Mafialeader
MM4 Mafialeader
Mafia Madness 4 Mafialeader
Debut:Mafia Madness 2: Enragement
Role(s):Main Antagonist
Allies:Mike, Mafia Men, MMV2

The Mafialeader is the main antagonist of the series. He is aged 34 years old and (if one doesn't consider the Mafia Men and MMV2's) is the oldest character in the series. He has only killed Kage Jason once.

Mafia Madness 4 BioEdit

The Main Antagonist of the series, he's ruthless, cunning and controls an army of 60,000 Mafia Men. On some of them, he's been preforming dangerous experiments, altering thier DNA using mutation serum to create the ultimate Mafia men. He's responseble for the death of Kage's parents when he was 14 and doesn't care if his own men die trying to stop Kage.

Predicted personalityEdit

The Mafialeaders personality is a mystery. Though it seems he doesn't tollerate incompitance as he attempted to kill Kage twice but only suceeded once.