The mutation serum is a chemical substance in the possesion of (and possibly created by) the Mafialeader which is used to alter bodily functions. It can be used to revive deceased members and create mutations. It was first acknowledged in the Mafia Madness 4 Menu Bios.

Uses of the SerumEdit

Mike StevensEdit

The serum was first used on Mike Stevens in Mafia Madness 3, when he was brought back to life in a mutated, zombie-like form. According the the bios, he will be revived once more using the serum in Mafia Madness 4.


Also indicated in the bios, was the new form of Mafia men, known as the MMV2. It was stated that the MMV2 were mafia men who were altered with the serum to gain supernaturally-sized arms and hands. This will most likely make them brutal hand-to-hand combatants.

Faec ManEdit

It is unknown how the faec man was revived in Mafia Madness 3. Considering his skin and eye colour was altered, he too may have been revived using this serum. For what reason this is unknown.