Posters are usally seen scattered thoughout the Mafia Madness series along the walls. They often inform the viewer about plot elements or characters. Some are simply for comic relief.

Below is a list of all posters seen in the series.

Mafia Madness 2: EnragementEdit

  • At the begining their is a Sign-up sheet which is crossed-out with a message: No body likes Mafia poofs- Blud.
  • There's a wanted poster for Kage, where he is wanted for murder, and robbing the cafe of food supplies, this informs us about Kage's past.
  • A promotonal poster for the Mafia.
  • A poster on the Mafialeader with text saying: I am your god. Fight by my side and be rewarded well.
  • A promotonal poster on party that happens at night with a Kage doll shooting as one of the attactions.
  • A poster on a movie titled 'Dr.Octogonapus'. This is a clear referance to Dom Fera's Lazer Collections.
  • At the end there is a notice poster for what the Mafialeader has to remember.

Mafia Madness 3: RevengeEdit

  • The wanted poster for Kage has changed and the reward has also changed.